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Title Exotic Dancer
Salary R200 000
Location Bellville, Cape Town
Job Information

The hottest new strip club in Cape Town is located in the suburb of Bellville, a mere 15 minutes drive from Cape Town city centre. At Cherries, we are always looking for new talent because we like to keep things fresh and always strive to be better than before. We offer full training so you can apply even if you don’t have any experience as a stripper or dancer. Cherries is a lapdance club and that is the most extreme part of your job, lap dancing. Other activities include chatting with clients and partying with them and of course pole dancing, but only when you are ready. Sex is not permitted under any circumstances as cherries is a gentleman’s club and not a brothel.

Cherries used to be a Teazers club and the rules are still very much the same as in Teazers, but the girls in Cherries make a lot more money than the girls at Teazers currently do. The top showgirls make around R50 000 per week and that is excluding Sundays and Mondays when the Cherries Gentleman’s club is closed.

So if you are an attractive girl under 35 years of age and you wish to make a lot of money while having lots of fun then you are in the right place.

Your first week at cherries is just to see if you like it or not so you don’t have to follow all the rules or pay the levy. You still get to keep your money during the first week if you decide to dance.

Please apply for a job as a stripper at Cherries by sending a few pictures of yourself and your cv, or even just a paragraph or so about you, to us and we will get back to you. To speed things up you could whatsapp the owner of cherries, George with some pics of yourself and a small discription. You can whatsapp George on 0611196969

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